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'Teachers of Enlightenment' and going for refuge as part of a global sangha - a conversation with Vajratara

On Wed, 24 May, 2023 - 11:37
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The Dharma is a universal teaching and an array of practices for liberation. In history, it is embodied by teachers who respond to the particular forms of suffering and bondage that they are born into, human and social. 

In its spread between India and what could broadly be called the West, the Triratna Buddhist movement and order is rather unique in contemporary convert Buddhism. 

In this episode, Dhammamegha is in conversation with Vajratara about the recent developments in the Refuge Tree of the Triratna Buddhist community and order, and the release of a new edition of the book Teachers of Enlightenment by Kulananda. They speak about the inclusion of Dr. Ambedkar from India and Anagarika Dharmapala from Sri Lanka as engaged teachers whom Sangharakshita found inspiring.



Order Teachers of Enlightenment online from your nearest independent bookshop or: 

Buy Teachers of Enlightenment (Europe)

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Find out more about Sangharakshita and the founding of the Triratna Buddhist movement in Nagabodhi’s recently published Sangharakshita: The Boy, The Man, The Monk.

The Anagarika Dharmapala biography and other writings are included in Volume 8 of the Complete Works of Sangharakshita, Beating the Dharma Drum: India Writings II

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can’t find the actual link to the podcast here…

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Hello Nityabandhu,

Thank you for pointing this out. We have now inserted the link in the text.