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‘Refreshingly original, beautifully written, and crystal clear’: Free Time!, the new book by Vajragupta

On Fri, 26 April, 2019 - 09:38
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Windhorse Publications is very pleased to announce the release of Free Time! from clock-watching to free-flowing, a Buddhist guide, the latest book by Vajragupta Staunton, author of Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life, Sailing the Worldly Winds, The Triratna Story, and Wild Awake.

In our fast moving world many people can feel their time is wound tight, their lives constantly hassled and hectic. ‘Fast-forward’ seems to be the collective default setting. So often we can be over busy and over stimulated, and this can send stress levels higher and higher.

In Free Time! Vajragupta shows us that investigating our experience of time, and considering our relationship with it, can be deeply and powerfully transformative. He looks at our actual day-to-day experience of time and applies a variety of Buddhist ideas and teachings in order to understand what time really is. He also offers practical ways of helping us live in a way that is relaxed and open, in a way that is not oppressive and restrictive, but free and flowing.

‘Today we’re all familiar with time-stress – how can Buddhist practices help us cope with it? What does Buddhism have to teach us about our experience and understanding of time? Vajragupta’s new book offers fresh perspectives on a problem that continues to worsen, and original ways to address it.’David Loy, Buddhist teacher and author

‘Vajragupta’s new work is refreshingly original, beautifully written, and crystal clear. Although not long, it took me some time to read because on almost every page there is something to reflect on. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I read a book that yielded so many insights. Go and get yourself a copy as soon as you have some time.’Ratnaguna, author of The Art of Reflection

Last week Helen from the Windhorse Publications team had the pleasure of talking to Vajragupta about Free Time! Listen to an audio recording of their conversation here.

Buy your copy of Free Time! here.

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