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Out now: four new volumes of 'The Complete Works of Sangharakshita'

On Thu, 4 April, 2019 - 13:52
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We’re delighted to announce the release of four new volumes of The Complete Works of Sangharakshita

Volume 2 The Three Jewels I

The nine texts in this volume, written over a period of more than thirty years, show Sangharakshita’s unfolding insight into the significance of going for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Volume 4 The Bodhisattva Ideal

An exploration of one of Buddhism’s most sublime teachings: the ideal of the Bodhisattva, who vows to attain enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

Volume 13 Eastern and Western Traditions

In this volume Sangharakshita gives some of his key elucidations of Tibetan Buddhism and Zen, as well as the practice of Buddhism in Western culture; includes Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism.

Volume 22 In the Sign of the Golden Wheel

This double volume of memoirs covers the middle and later years of the period when Sangharakshita was based in the Indian hill station, Kalimpong.

The volumes are available individually in hardback, paperback and eBook editions, or via subscription.

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