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A New Title and New Website

On Thu, 31 March, 2016 - 12:01
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website at After one year of hard work, our Web Developer Akasapriya has done a sterling job of producing a site that is both easier to use and pleasing to look at.

The launch of our website coincides with the release of our newest title, Great Faith, Great Wisdom, by Ratnaguna and Śraddhāpa. We love the cover by Dhammarati, which is based on a folding screen attributed to Kano Sanraku, 1559-1635. This gorgeous design is highlighted as the first item you see on our new website.

Four years ago Windhorse Publications had very different needs, which were met by the older version of our website. Book sales were well below £100 a month. In four years, that number has ramped up to £1,500 a month.

A new site was needed to allow book purchasing at a larger scale to run more smoothly. In the development of this site, we consulted the field of User Experience. We collected workflows and trouble points from our users, and Akasapriya took these into account as he built the new site. We also usability tested the site using volunteers representing different levels of ‘techiness’ to ensure the site was user friendly across people with different web prowess. We are grateful to everyone who gave us time and advice.

We hope you enjoy using our new website. Some of the features (compared to the old site) are:

- simplified credit card payments
- easier access to eBook downloads
- new design suited to phones and tablets

If you had a user login on the old site – either for the free registration (giving you a 15% discount on all books) or the donation (giving you a 30% discount) – don’t worry, it still works on our new site. Your discounts are usefully displayed with the price, on any book page, once you log in.

You can also help us publish high quality Buddhist books by sponsoring a specific title or making a donation. We are grateful for even the smallest donation, as we are a charity. Anything you might give to allow publication of our books supports spreading the Dharma.

The gift of the Dhamma surpasses all gifts – Dhammapada 354

You can also really help in the launch, and in bringing new readers to our website, by leaving a review of your favourite book. Just go to that book’s page and rate it using the star system, and leave a review. It only takes a minute but helps our online sales. Thank you!

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