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New podcast episode with Sagaraghosa Rosemary Tennison

On Wed, 30 August, 2023 - 12:20
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We’ve just released a new episode of the Windhorse Publications Podcast. In it, Dhammamegha talks with Sagaraghosa Rosemary Tennison about her upcoming book, Starting on the Buddhist Path. In the conversation, Sagaraghosa explains the meaning and significance of her name, and why studying Buddhism is different from studying other subjects. She talks about her first encounters with Buddhism, the importance of friendship in Buddhist practice, and how the Dharma (the teachings of Buddhism) can change our lives for the better. She also tackles that great Buddhist question of the nature of the self, and how, by reflecting on aspects of our experience, we can create less suffering for ourselves and others.

Listen to the podcast

Starting on the Buddhist Path will be published next month, but you can pre-order the paperback edition now.