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Letters from Prison – Free Dharma for Inmates

On Tue, 26 September, 2017 - 13:38
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We’d like to share some moving words from a group of readers we have had for years now. On request, our Publishing Controller Michelle sends free Windhorse Publications books and written replies to prisoners. The gratitude with which they receive them is touching. These books and letters enhance their lives, and in a place where there is a lot of time for reflection, they can find greater self awareness and understanding through the Dharma.

Individuals send letters of thanks to Michelle in the office, including reflections on the books and their experience. Some of these are as follows (we’ve kept back the names to protect individuals’ privacy).

“I discovered a few books by Sangharakshita and it feels like I have ‘come home’, so to speak. So far, Buddhism has come very naturally to me and has brought out the ‘nice’ side of me that I thought was gone forever.” – from HMP Littlehey

“I have finally achieved some ‘closure’ on past events that were eating me alive before. I no longer have a TV in my cell and don’t read the daily paper that gets passed around anymore. I have gone back on the vegan diet and treat everyone with respect nowadays. Apparently the change is very noticeable, and you played a big part in that, so thank you!” – from HMP Littlehey

“I enjoy your books from the author Sangharakshita. I have two of his books and would like more if possible. Living Ethically and What is the Dharma are the two that I have. Thank you for your patience and time.” – from Corcoran State Prison, California

“Thank you so much for your kind gift of the book on Meditation. It will be used to great effect. I don’t think you know just how much of a blessing you are!” – from HMP Whitemoor

We feel this is one of the more fulfilling aspects of being in Buddhist publishing - being able to help people through the Dharma in the form of the written word. We are lucky to be providing something precious to prisoners, which helps them in their reflections and lives.

If you would like to support efforts like these, consider becoming a Windhorse Publications member. For £30 (or more) a year, a supporter would in turn receive 25% off books, CDs and gift cards bought on our website. Thanks.

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