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On Mon, 23 March, 2020 - 15:47
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All our lives are affected by the coronavirus. At home or out helping, we can find ways to look after each other and ourselves. How we are with our minds during this time will impact our experience and relationships and the future we make together.

The Buddha taught how to let go of fear and self-clinging, be alone well, and train ourselves to encounter suffering without alienation or anxiety.

We’d like to do what we can to make the Buddha’s teachings and practices available whatever your situation. For as long as it’s needed, Windhorse Publications will give away a free eBook each week.

This week’s free eBook is Solitude and Loneliness: A Buddhist View. The author, Sarvananda, shows us how to “train in the capacity to be alone” in order to enjoy solitude and “realise how essentially connected to others we truly are.” Prajnaketu writes: ‘This book seems to have been written for these times - beautiful, wise, funny, and practical. If, like me, the movies and rolling news are already wearing a bit thin for you, I highly recommend this as a perspective on how to do self-isolation better.’

Click here for your free download (available until April 6).

When you check out, please consider supporting Windhorse Publications by making a donation. Small independent publishers struggle already, but with many of our bookshops closed, we could use your support. Thank you.

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