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Celebrating friendship with discounted books

On Wed, 26 July, 2023 - 15:00
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Our teacher, Sangharakshita, described the order he founded as ‘a network of friendships’, and I’ve come back from the retreat with a renewed sense of gratitude for the many and varied friendships in my life, particularly my friendships with other ‘Dharma farers’. A focus on this type of friendship, what Sangharakshita called ‘spiritual friendship’, is one of the six distinctive emphases that Sangharakshita gave the Triratna Buddhist Community. 

Sangharakshita didn’t emphasise the importance of friendship just because of his own personal inclination. He did so because the Buddha did so. To take one particularly striking example, in the Upaddha Sutta the Buddha’s attendant and close companion, Ananda, tells the Buddha that he’s been reflecting, and he’s come to the conclusion that spiritual friendship is no less than half of the spiritual life. The Buddha corrects him, saying that spiritual friendship is, in fact, the whole of the spiritual life.

This coming Sunday, 30 July, is the International Day of Friendship. To celebrate, we’re discounting three of our books on the theme of friendship for just a few days.

We’re offering 20% off the paperbacks and a whopping 75% off the eBooks. Sale ends at 23:59:59 BST on Sunday 30 July 2023.

Thicker than Blood: Friendship on the Buddhist Path by Maitreyabandhu
PAPERBACK: was £9.99 now £7.99 (20% off)
EBOOK: was £7.99 now £1.99 (75% off)

Hello at Last: Embracing the Koan of Friendship and Meditation by Sara Jenkins 
PAPERBACK: was £9.99 now £7.99 (20% off)
EBOOK: was £7.99 now £1.99 (75% off)

What is the Sangha? The Nature of Spiritual Community by Sangharakshita
PAPERBACK: was £11.99 now £9.59 (20% off)
EBOOK: was £8.99 now £2.24 (75% off)

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