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Catch up with 'The Subtle Art of Caring' book launch

On Wed, 13 December, 2023 - 10:00
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Three weeks ago we introduced The Subtle Art of Caring with author River Wolton online. In this interesting conversation between Dhammamegha and the author we explored themes contained in the book such as:

Idealism and Altruistic Activity - River reflected on the tension between idealism and the shadow side of idealism, reflecting on the concept of becoming a bodhisattva and the potential for idealism in spiritual practice.

Reframing Language and Perception - The video introduces the concept of ‘respair’, a forgotten word meaning fresh hope and recovery from despair. River discusses the importance of reframing language and perception in navigating vulnerability and existential threats. She also explores the power of storytelling and how it can subvert harmful narratives and create new possibilities.

The Importance of Pausing and Embodiment - The author discusses the significance of pausing and embodiment in self-care and resilience. She reflects on the need to slow down and reconnect with mind, body, and heart. She also explores the role of contemplative practices in supporting well-being and compassionate action.

Cultivating the Brahma Viharas - River describes the Brahma Viharas as qualities valued in both secular and faith-based approaches, highlighting the interconnectedness of compassion, joy, equanimity, and kindness. She emphasises the importance of cultivating and sustaining these qualities to avoid burnout and to promote wise responses.

And more…

Catch up with the book launch on our YouTube channel.

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