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Announcing our new books for 2020

On Thu, 5 December, 2019 - 16:39
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We’re thrilled to announce the first six of the new books we’ll be publishing in 2020. Three of them are now available for sponsorship.
Why sponsor a book?
Publishing in the 21st century is all about adapting to challenging conditions, with lower profits from online sales and increased competition from digital formats. At Windhorse Publications we are meeting this challenge, but we increasingly need start-up funding for a book’s production and marketing. You can help us by choosing to sponsor one of our new books.
How sponsorship works
Give £40 or more to sponsor a book and we’ll send you both the print edition and the eBook immediately on publication.
See all the books currently available for sponsorship here.

April 2020
In April we’ll be releasing the next three volumes in The Complete Works of Sangharakshita, bringing to fifteen the number of published volumes, which means we’ll have passed the halfway point in this epic project.

Volume 14: The Eternal Legacy / Wisdom Beyond Words
This volume includes The Eternal Legacy, an introduction to the canonical literature of Buddhism, and Wisdom Beyond Words, Sangharakshita’s commentary on several Perfection of Wisdom texts. This volume is augmented with a new foreword by Vajratara, and a note by Śraddhāpa on the translation of the Perfection of Wisdom texts, bringing us up-to-date with some of the latest scholarship.

Volume 23: Moving Against the Stream
This third volume of Sangharakshita’s memoirs finds him arriving back in England after twenty years in the East. If you have ever wondered, ‘Why did Sangharakshita found a new Buddhist movement and Order?’ – here is the answer. We benefit from a new preface by Abhaya, and the inclusion of a long-unavailable memoir by Sangharakshita, A Retrospect, focused on the year 1970. The whole volume is enriched throughout by numerous photos of Sangharakshita and friends in this period.

Volume 25: Poems and Short Stories
This volume contains all of Sangharakshita’s poetry, including poems not previously published, six short stories, two talks Sangharakshita gave about specific poems, and a sequence of conversations about his poetry that were recorded towards the end of his life. The volume is enhanced by three new introductory pieces: Instead of a Foreword by Padmavajra, A Guide for the New Reader of Sangharakshita’s Poetry by Vishvantara, and The Literary Influences on Sangharakshita’s Poetry by Vishvapani.

Complete Works volumes are not available for sponsorship, but you can support this important legacy project by donating here.
Find out more about the Complete Works, including purchasing options, here.

June 2020
In June we’ll be releasing two new books by renowned Buddhist teacher and scholar, Bhikkhu Anālayo.

Introducing Mindfulness
Anālayo introduces the Buddhist backgrounds to mindfulness, ranging from mindful eating to its formal cultivation as satipaṭṭhāna (the foundations of mindfulness). He also offers a historical survey of the development of mindfulness in different Buddhist traditions. At the end of each chapter Anālayo provides instructions for developing mindfulness step by step, bringing it into our personal experience.

Sponsor Introducing Mindfulness here.

Mindfulness in Early Buddhism
This is a timely and thoroughgoing examination of the significance, meaning and development of mindfulness in early Buddhism. Part I examines central aspects of mindfulness practice and explores how mindfulness evolved into the modern vipassana and dzogchen traditions’ understandings. Part II provides annotated translations from the Chinese Āgamas and a comparative study of their Pāli parallels.

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July/August 2020
It’s Not Out There 
Most of us are constantly looking outside ourselves for something: happiness, love, contentment. But this something, this ‘it’, is not out there. ‘It’ is within us. In It’s Not Out There, Buddhist teacher and mentor, Danapriya, shows you how to start looking inside yourself and uncover the fertile ground of your own potential.

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