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Announcing ‘The Burning House’ and another free eBook

On Fri, 5 February, 2021 - 10:30
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We’re delighted to announce that in August we’ll be publishing Shantigarbha’s latest book, The Burning House: A Buddhist Response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency. It’s an incredibly timely book, with the potential to have a significant impact. In it, Shantigarbha explores how we can wake up and respond to the climate and ecological crisis from a Buddhist perspective. It will be of interest both to Buddhists concerned about the climate and ecology, and to eco-activists wishing to ground their work in a spiritual context. 

The Burning House is now available for sponsorship. If you’ve not sponsored one of our books before, here’s how it works: for a minimum donation of £40 you’ll receive both the paperback and the eBook as soon as they’re available. You can sponsor from anywhere in the world and your donation will automatically be converted to your home currency.

It costs around £7,000 to produce and do a first print run for a book the size of The Burning House. Being a small independent publisher, our margins are always pretty tight, and over the past twelve months they’ve become even tighter. More than ever, we’re relying on our friends – you! – to help us cover production costs by sponsoring our upcoming books.

Find out more about sponsoring The Burning House.

We’re also delighted to announce that we’re giving away another free eBook: Metaphors, Magic and Mystery, which will remain free until the end of February. It’s an anthology of Sangharakshita’s writing on the theme of words, especially words in the context of the Dharma. Words have such power and magic, and yet they also present so many limitations and pitfalls. There are questions of how to use them skilfully and accurately, and the dangers of taking things too literally or misunderstanding metaphors. Indeed, there’s the difference between understanding words and really knowing anything at all. There’s also the relationship between words and the truth, and the possibility that the truth may be conveyed in languages other than that of words. All these themes and more are explored in Metaphors, Magic and Mystery.

Download your free copy of Metaphors, Magic and Mystery.

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