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On Mon, 9 June, 2014 - 10:36
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Windhorse Evolution
This is a pdf of our latest magazine! In it we explore our practice of team based right livelihood at Windhorse:evolution, particularly at this time where we have to work hard to increase sales and stay in business, so that this precious context can survive.

Articles include an update on the state of the business from Keturaja, and a report from James about setting up our excellent new retail website. Our new head of wholesale, John, tells us his first impressions and strategies for increasing sales. We continue to look at how Windhorse:evolution has supported the Triratna Buddhist Community over the years, in an article on our relationship with the Irish sangha, and with updates from projects we support: India Dhamma Trust, Dharmachakra, and social projects in Bali & Thailand.

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