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On Mon, 10 November, 2014 - 13:47
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Windhorse Evolution
We hope you have enjoyed reading about Evolution as part of the 100 Days of Ethical Giving campaign. Please see our previous posts if you need to catch up!

As we move towards Christmas we need your help. Evolution is now feeling the full force of the recession and increased competition in the retail sector. Our future is uncertain, but we are working hard to ensure that our original vision survives.

There are very concrete ways you can help us.

LIKE – If you use Facebook, you will know that interaction helps to get our message out there, so please like our posts. If you don’t use Facebook, please feel free to like us in the traditional way – and telling your friends about us is important too!

SHARE – Follow this campaign on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts with your friends. If 3000 of you like us on Facebook and share our posts with your friends, on average 100, that’s 300,000 people we could connect with. Again, if you don’t use social media, simply share information about the campaign with people – that works too!

BUY – No matter how worthwhile a business is, it cannot survive on good wishes alone. We need you to support us by choosing to buy from us. No matter what lifestyle we live, we do buy things – gifts for friends and family, presents for Mitra ceremonies, incense and candles for shrines. Giving a gift is an expression of love and gratitude to those around us.

In real terms, if 3000 people decide to do £50 of their gift and personal shopping a year with Evolution that generates £150,000 pounds extra income, which translates as sustainability, and increased donations to Triratna resources.

Visit or #ethicalchristmas – Christmas is coming!
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