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Seminar with Subhuti on Right Livelihood

On Mon, 9 July, 2012 - 12:29
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I am excited that Subhuti has agreed to do a seminar with the management team of Windhorse:evolution in August. Those working here have been reflecting on questions and topics on the theme of Right Livelihood, to explore with Subhuti. We would also like to invite others to suggest topics and questions to put to Subhuti. If you have any suggestions, please post them here, using the ‘blog’ function you’ll find in the top left menu bar. We’ll be recording the seminar and sharing it here, on our project page.

It was nearly 20 years ago that Sangharakshita did a seminar on ‘Right Livelihood’ with Order members who worked here. For me as a young order member it was very exciting to hear Bhante’s views on this topic and how he viewed Right Livelihood within the practice of the Dharma. In particular his reflections on approaches to Insight and lifestyle changed how we looked at the practice of Right Livelihood. We are keen to revisit, with Subhuti, the material in this seminar to see if we can take some of the themes deeper. We will also be looking at other material Bhante has written on this topic and the place of Right livelihood within Triratna.
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Fantastic news! Look forward to hearing all about it here… :)
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I joined Windhorse in January this year after having been based around the LBC for around 20 years. Over that time I got know Subhuti as LBC President and friend. As for many, he has been an important influence as someone whose views inspired, challenged and stimulated me. He encouraged me when I talked of moving to Windhorse and I am grateful for this now I am here.

A common experience at the LBC was anticipating Subhuti’s visits, now I’m at Windhorse I am having a similar experience of preparing for another of his visits. He would inject energy, clarity, verve and stimulation during his visits and I would not be surprised if this happened at Windhorse in late August. I am looking forward to this, particularly as I am lucky enough to have been invited to attend the seminar.

So far we’ve collated a wide range of questions, with more to come - this seminar will be interesting!