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Right Realism, Money and the Game of Life

On Thu, 4 October, 2012 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
Saddharaja talks about his impressions of visiting India and witnessing the rise of economic development of the sub-continent. He explores some history of the business relationship that has existed between India and the UK - over hundreds of years.

He goes on to explore the importance of personal money within the lives of Buddhists working in Right Livelihood, and asks the question: Is it possible to live without money today?

He focuses on extreme views that Right Livelihood workers can fall into with regards to their personal financial circumstances, and makes some suggestions about finding a 'Middle Way' approach to our money within the Right Livelihood context, which he dubs 'Right Realism'.

He identifies four kinds of financial situation that Right Livelihood workers are likely to inhabit, and makes six suggestions for developing Right Realism.
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