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Making Global Connections

On Tue, 2 December, 2014 - 10:51
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Windhorse Evolution
We are now into the last four weeks of the 100 Days of Ethical Giving Campaign and in the run up to Christmas. Christmas is when we do over 40% of our total year trade and this year this has extra poignancy, as the business struggles to survive.

This week which includes #GivingTuesday we are thinking about all the connections that bring us together. From our suppliers, to the people working at Cambridge HQ, to the people who have received support from the Windhorse Trust via Triratna projects, to adults and children benefiting from our social project support and our hardworking shop teams who work tirelessly throughout Christmas and into January and last (but never least) our customers. Just considering the complexity of the connections that occur through Evolution – they truly are global!

You can be part on this wonderful web of interconnectedness! Simply make that choice to buy from Evolution – either at your local shop or through You will find plenty of gift inspiration, whatever your budget – and your support will go a long, long way!

Connect with us today #ethicalchristmas.
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