Windhorse Evolution

Energy At Its Most Abundant

On Thu, 14 June, 2012 - 10:13
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Windhorse Evolution
Here’s a talk by Parami on ‘virya’ - ‘energy in pursuit of the good’, given at Windhorse:Evolution, a large and successful Buddhist team-based right livelihood business. But its concerns are certainly not parochial - a good, strong (sometimes even idealistic!) evocation of the co-operative spirit of Buddhist work and of spiritual practice in general, with particular reference to Shantideva’s ‘Bodhicharyavatara’. The Bodhisattvas descend, the Bodhichitta is called down, and Parami is off and rolling on her favourite subject… With a thoughtful look at Padmasambhava too, and an affectionate tribute to her own teacher, Urgyen Sangaharakshita, whose poem ‘The Song of the Windhorse’ forms the root text for this talk.

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