Windhorse Evolution

Dealing with Change

On Sun, 5 June, 2011 - 00:00
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Saddharaja starts off with another story from his childhood in the 1960s about a forest fire and the effects of this upon his father, who was a forester. An example of sudden, dramatic change at work.

He moves on to talk about smaller less dramatic changes in the work place which can create anxiety for Right Livelihood workers.

He defines what 'change' means and explores the meaning of the impermanence teaching (anicca), with the help of Sangharakshita's writings on the subject.

Saddharaja then moves on to explore our struggle to accept impermanence with our workplace, our attitudes to our jobs, and even our own bodies. He looks at both reactive and creative attitudes to change.

He finally moves on to suggesting 7 Habits of Highly Effective Right Livelihood Workers, which are essentially seven practices which we can use to creatively deal with change in our working lives, and as Buddhist practitioners.

He finally finishes with Rudyard Kiplings famous poem, If.....

Throughout the talk Saddharaja uses interesting examples from history to emphasise his points, e.g. Ned Lud and The Luddites, the painter Joseph Wright of Derby, and Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine.

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