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Can You Really Make A Difference? #EthicalChristmas

On Fri, 24 October, 2014 - 14:35
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One of the questions we ask ourselves when we are choosing to buy from an ethical source is “Can I really make a difference?”

Often it seems the odds are stacked against us and we have so little to give.

One of the great things about shopping at Evolution is that every little bit helps us to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. We’d like to tell you about just one example of what can happen with the donations we are able to make to one of our longstanding social projects, Ban Sai Rom orphanage in Thailand.
Arm is 19 years old and is affected by HIV and lost her parents to AIDS. In Thailand there is no infrastructure to support children who find themselves in this situation. Since 1999, Ban Sai Rom has been looking after children who, in some way, have been affected by AIDS.
From a very young age Arm has wanted to be a dancer and  some of our donations have been used for her college fees, helping her to pursue her dream to qualify as a Thai traditional dancing instructor.

Every time you buy from Evolution you are part of stories like Arms’, so the answer is, yes, whatever you spend really does make a difference.

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