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Western Buddhist Review relaunched

On Tue, 14 August, 2012 - 16:56
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Dhivan Thomas Jones
The Western Buddhist Review has quite a long history. Issue 1 was published in 1994, edited by Kamalashila, while he was still living at Vajrakuta in North Wales, at that time the study centre of the FWBO. Issue 2 was published in 1997, and Issue 3 in 2001. All three were published in paperback format, with handsome designs by Dhammarati. Issue 3 was also published on-line, and Issues 4 (2004) and 5 (2010), edited by Nagapriya and Jñanaketu respectively, have been available on-line. Each of the issues of WBR have included high quality articles and book reviews, concerned with the study and practice of Buddhism in the west, and especially in the context of the FWBO, now the Triratna Buddhist Community.

So now we are re-launching the Western Buddhist Review, re-homed on thebuddhistcentre.com, and with the possibility of a more lively and interactive format. I intend to publish peer-reviewed articles collected into occasional volumes, and to publish reviews and other forms of writing using this blog as often as possible. You can be notified of new reviews and articles by clicking ‘follow’, and then by making sure you have set your notifications settings so that you will be sent emails about new posts. Thanks for your interest.
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