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Launch of Vol. 6 of Western Buddhist Review

On Mon, 3 December, 2012 - 18:47
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Dhivan Thomas Jones
I’m delighted to launch Vol.6 of the Western Buddhist Review, with a long article by Jayarava on the theme of the Spiral Path. Jayarava was ordained in 2005, and is an independent researcher based in Cambridge. His articles have appeared in the Western Buddhist Review, as well as the Journal of Buddhist Ethics. He is author of Visible Mantra, and Nāmapada: a Guide to names in the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Abstract This article surveys the Spiral Path or Lokuttara Paṭicca-samuppāda in the Pāli Nikāyas, with some reference to Chinese parallels, exploring the similarities and differences between the presentations to further elucidate the doctrine which has been at the forefront of the teaching of Sangharakshita and the Triratna Buddhist Order. English language sources are also surveyed and critiqued. Most writing to date has focussed on a single text, the Upanisā Sutta, which is shown to be unrepresentative of the class as a whole, and a new locus classicus is suggested in the Cetanākaraṇīya Sutta. The Spiral Path is seen to conform to the general outline of the Buddhist path as consisting of ethics, meditation and wisdom.

Click here to view the article (or click on the ‘resources’ link above).

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