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launch of new Western Buddhist Review website and issue

On Wed, 16 September, 2020 - 20:42
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Dhivan Thomas Jones

Dear friends,

You’re receiving this message because you ‘follow’ the Western Buddhist Review on www.thebuddhistcentre.com. We are very grateful to the thebuddhistcentre.com for hosting our Review since 2013. But I’m writing to let you know that we now have a new website at www.westernbuddhistreview.com, and not only that, but a new issue of the Review, Volume 7, with articles by Dhivan, Silavadin, Matt Drage and Mitrānanda. Some book reviews and further articles will follow in due course, and we intend the new website to act as the natural reference point for scholarly work, events and news in the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

When you visit the new website, please sign up for email updates on the home page. This is important as we won’t be maintaining our presence on thebuddhistcentre.com, except as an archive of past articles and reviews.

Thanks and good wishes,


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Thanks for that Dhivan. Those articles look very interesting! Well done to all of you for the work. A couple of things…

  1. Is there a way of getting the whole volume in one PDF, as well as individual PDFs? I would like to have it on my Kindle to read on solitary and it is much easier to do it this in one volume. Perhaps I can make this a ‘feature request’ for future development of the site…
  2. There’s currently a test post visible on the main homepage that you might want to remove. In the version I see (which might be different to you as an admin) I see Test Does this work?

Best of luck with the work.


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Thank Vajrashura. Yes, we do have an intention of creating a whole volume pdf. It’s dead easy. I’ll do that soon. And thanks for mentioning the test post, that’s easy to fix too.

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Dear Dhivan,

I had a few initial thoughts concerning your announcement. The first was “Great!” and thank goodness the periodical (if that’s the appropriate word) is being continued. The second was “But why “Western”, now of all times?” It seemed possibly a bit demeaning of the Order as a whole. So why not Triratna English Language Review or simply Triratna English Review or something similar?

It may seem a bit of a nuisance to consider a name change, but names are deeply significant, as well you know. I think such a change would be welcomed by the whole Order, and contribute to its unification and deepening of understanding. On the other hand by implication to set West against East is not, I think, helpful.

With appreciation of your work and concern for truth and its skilful expression in English,


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Thanks for your interest and appreciation Ashvajit. We (the editors) did think about changing the name, but we unanimously wanted to stick with ‘Western Buddhist’, to emphasise the aim of including scholarly reflection on modern Western Buddhism. The values of scholarship are distinctively western, and the task of translating Buddhism into western culture is increasingly a matter of understanding how Buddhism is relevant in a globalised ‘western’ culture. So we thought the word ‘western’ summed up our purpose nicely.