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2016 E-learning Course on Asian Buddhist Women

On Tue, 16 February, 2016 - 11:58
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Dhivan Thomas Jones

Once again, Ven Anālayo has organised an online lecture course, this year on the theme of ‘Asian Buddhist Women’. Last year’s lectures were very informative and often interesting, bringing scholars from around the world into our living rooms via the internet. The whole course is without charge. Here are the details:

‘The Numata Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg, in cooperation with the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, offers an E-learning Course on Asian Buddhist Women. The course consists of a series of lectures by a group of international scholars. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone interested, but requires online registration. Lectures start on the 14 April and are held every Thursday at 2.15 pm German time. Recordings of the lecture are accessible for registered participants at any time of their convenience after original delivery. The e-learning platform also features a discussion forum for exchange between participants and lecturers.

The registration closes by the end of March.

For registration please follow this link: click 
For additional information about the course follow this link: click 


14-4 Anālayo The Karma of Female Birth 

21-4 Reiko Ohnuma Mothers and Motherhood in Indian Buddhist Literature

28-4 Vanessa Sassoon Children in Indian Buddhist Literature

5-5 Ayako Itoh A Nascent Bhikkhunī Sangha in North-east Thailand

12-5 Lilian Handlin Womanhood as Imaged in Myanmar’s Pre-modern Gandhakuti(s)

26-5 Ranjini Obeyesekere Buddhist Women in Sri Lanka

2-6 Lori Meeks Women in Japanese Buddhism 

9-6 Monica Bethe Imperial Nunneries in Japan 

16-6 Sarah Kirchberger Women and Buddhism in Communist China

23-6 Ester Bianchi Chinese Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen in a Changing World: Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity throughout 20th and 21st Century China

30-6 Lekshe Tsomo Women in Tibetan Buddhism

7-7 Jampa Tsedroen Gender Constructions and Gender Relations from a Tibetan Buddhist Perspective

14-7 Dhammadinnā Women’s Soteriological Agency, Text Transmission and Buddhist Institutions’

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