West London Buddhist Centre

Urban Metta

On Mon, 14 July, 2014 - 13:16
Yashobodhi's picture
Bodhilila’s talk on Urban Metta is now available on FreeBuddhistAudio.
Bodhilila writes, ” Anyone practising a spiritual path has to find a balance between their inner and outer life and we can get caught up in activity and work. Going within and working on our mental states and conditioning is an important aspect of Buddhist practice which is why meditation plays such an important role.
However, equally important is how we live our lives in the world, the ways we react and respond to other people and our external conditions. When practising the Metta Bhavana we our working with internal mind objects in order to change how we respond to people in the outside world. The practice can help us to transform our mental states not just during the meditation but also in our everyday lives. We are cultivating kindness towards all living beings and we cannot do this without interacting without interacting with them. City life offers constant opportunities for practising metta in quite challenging situations and can provide a crucible for our spiritual practice, particularly our ethical practice. “

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