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Untangle your Mind: A Going Deeper Course on Buddhist Conditionality

On Fri, 18 February, 2022 - 16:43
Ratnadeva's picture

All the Buddha’s teachings flow from his greatest discovery, the law of conditionality, sometimes described as ‘dependent origination’. The Four Noble Truths, the Wheel of Life, the Middle-way, Nirvana and the law of karma all follow from this central principle.

Over the six weeks of the course we will delve into the ramifications of dependent origination in order to penetrate this teaching that is ‘profound, hard to understand, peaceful and sublime’. We will explore how it can point the way towards ending the rounds of human suffering and rebirth, whether that be from moment to moment or over lifetimes.

‘It is through not understanding, not penetrating this doctrine that this generation has become like a tangled ball of string…tangled like coarse grass, unable to pass beyond states of woe’

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