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Mandala of Joy: WLBC In Person Weekend Retreat

On Fri, 1 October, 2021 - 13:06
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When one knows the solitude of silence and feels the joy of quietness, one is then free from fear….and one feels the joy of the Dhamma. – Dhammapada

Fri Nov 5th 2021 - Sun Nov 7th 2021
Booking required: £210/ conc £160 Bursaries available, please ask


Led by: Bodhilila, Prajnanita, Ratnadeva and Sudurjaya

Maybe you’ve had an existing connection with WLBC, or maybe you’ve only ‘met’ us online over the pandemic. We extend our invitation to everybody for our first in-person retreat in two years at Vajrasana (Suffolk). 

On this retreat we will be exploring the importance of joy as a spiritual practice. In Buddhism, joy is seen as integral to awakening our hearts and minds, one of the 7 Enlightenment Factors. Sometimes people think that the main focus of Buddhism is dukkha, or suffering. The Buddha said that he taught two things – suffering and the end of suffering. All the teachings and practices of the Dharma offer the opportunity for freeing our hearts and minds while moving towards and embodying joy as a spiritual quality. 

The programme will include meditation, mindful movement, talks, reflection, discussion, mantra chanting and ritual as well as time in small groups. There will be plenty of free time for walks, hanging out with other retreatants over a cup of tea and enjoying the beautiful gardens, grounds and ritual spaces of Vajrasana.