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Early Buddhism Study Group (Online) - Sunday 27 February 4-5.30pm

On Thu, 24 February, 2022 - 16:41
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The Buddha lived all of two and a half thousand years ago. However, the writings of the Pali Canon offer us a window onto his teachings and his personality. Join us for study of these earliest Buddhist scriptures, exploring what message they might have for us in these unprecedented and uncertain times. We will start each session with a brief period of Pali chanting and meditation before we read and reflect on a sutta. Join us for an exploration of the very roots of the Buddhist tradition.

In our next session we will look at the story of Kisa Gotami. This poignant story offers beautiful examples of the Buddha’s deep insight into human nature and the compassion that flows from this understanding. The ‘mustard seeds’ story is not in the Pāli canon. However, it is in commentarial texts. Furthermore, the Gotami Sutta and Dhammapada verse 114 are canonical and provide related material. We’ll use these as a basis for discussion.

Led by Mitrananda and Ratnadeva

For more information visit our website at https://westlondonbuddhistcentre.com/event/early-buddhism-study-group/20…

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