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Early Buddhism Study Group with Mitrananda and Ratnadeva

On Wed, 29 September, 2021 - 17:38
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Join Mitrananda and Ratnadeva for study of these earliest Buddhist scriptures, exploring what message they might have for us in these unprecedented and uncertain times. We will start each session with a brief period of Pali chanting and meditation before we read and reflect on a sutta. 

Session 7 – October 24, 4-5.30pm (UK)

Many of you will have experienced how, instead of seeing things objectively, a profusion of ideas may arise in the mind which obscures our ability to see things calmly and clearly. At its worst the mind can run riot with ill-founded, repetitive ideas which impact harmfully on our feelings and behaviour. The Pāli word for this mental proliferation is papañca.

The role of craving in producing suffering or dissatisfaction is a Buddhist axiom. Kaccāna, however, in the Madhupiṇḍika Sutta, provides an eloquent exposition of the dependent arising of cognition, and of the role of mental proliferation (papañca) in causing suffering and conflict. In our next session we will examine this sutta and how in meditation we can prevent papañca.

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