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Opportunity to share the Dharma in Wellington

On Mon, 18 February, 2019 - 20:05
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If you’re an enthusiastic younger Order member who’s looking for a change, please consider coming to Wellington for four months or longer. We can offer rent free accommodation and living expenses, plus the use of Achala’s car for the five months of 2019 that he’ll be away. As you’d be staying in Achala’s house, we’d prefer it if you can come before he leaves in early July. You’d be welcome to stay on after he returns (at the end of December), sharing the house with him through the NZ summer and autumn, after which we’d review the situation.

Your role at the Wellington Buddhist Centre could be adapted according to your interests and abilities, but the main focus would be helping to grow our enthusiastic sub35 group and fully engaging with other Centre activities. Ideally, you’d be under 45.

If you’d like to visit and contribute but can’t commit to coming for that long how about a shorter visit? The Wellington Buddhist Centre Council will be looking after Achala’s 2-bedroom house while he is away from July until mid-December 2019. One or two people could visit for a month or two or however much time they wanted; you’d have free accommodation and a car

Wellington is a vibrant, progressive, cosmopolitan, jewel of a city, surrounded by water and hills. There are wonderful hiking and cycling opportunities for those who like the outdoors.  The South Island is just a ferry ride away.

For more information contact saradarshini [at] gmail.com

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