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On Fri, 8 March, 2019 - 18:30
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Our move is getting closer! There’s a list of things still to be completed in terms of the refit before we can make our big shift 3 metres across the hallway into a space twice the size and infinitely more functional!

We’ve dedicated the space and I have copied below greetings from Nagabodhi our current President and from Jnanadhara our future President.

It shouldn’t be long now.

Dear friends,
As you probably know, I had to cut short my trip and fly back to UK on the 9th of February as I’d just heard that my mother had died. Naturally I was pleased to be able to get back there so quickly so as to play my part in what followed, but I am of course very sad to have missed out on my time with you, catching up with old friends and practising Dharma with you all.
And I’m truly sorry not to be with you right now as you stand together on the threshold of your new centre space, ready to dedicate it. 
I remember going into that dark room a couple of years ago and imagining what it could be like to have such a space for your activities. And now you’ve very nearly pulled it off: a much bigger space, divided and shaped according to your own vision and needs. 
I’m so happy for you, and excited not just for you but for all the people who will walk through its doors to join you, whether for an evening or maybe for the rest of their lives!  
At a time like this, when a sangha takes a step forward like this I don’t just think of the people already involved, looking forward to having a bigger centre to enjoy. I think of all the people around Wellington, up in the Hutt Valley and along the Kapiti Coast who, whatever they are doing at this moment, have no idea that the benign influences and potencies of the Buddha-Dharma are going to enter their lives in this place.  A centre space is so much more than a room or a building, it’s a seed of unknowable possibilities unknowable potential. And for those of you already involved, it’s a place of striving, sharing and hopefully ever more harmonious collaboration.
So you are all strong in my mind. I am with you in spirit, with my congratulations, blessings and very, very best wishes. 
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Dear Wellingtonian Triratnarites,
I’m personally eternally grateful that the Wellington Buddhist Centre doors were open to me when I came along in the mid-nineties. It’s wonderful to know that that door will now open out into a bigger, brighter and more welcoming space for people to discover the Three Jewels and enter deeply into the Dharma-life. Congratulations to Saradarshini, the WBC Council and all the Sangha for making it happen! With warm wishes and heartfelt congratulations, 
PS I’m looking forward to my visit early next year and meeting old friends and new. See you then!

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