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Day retreat Warwick, Sunday 14th May, 10.30-4.30pm

On Sun, 16 April, 2017 - 23:00
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We’re delighted to say that Karunavajra and Prajnabandhu have agreed to lead a day retreat for us at Old Milverton Hall on Sunday 14th May. Day retreats are a great way to nourish ourselves, get a bit deeper with our practice and get to know other members of the group in a more spacious way without demanding such a big time commitment as a residential retreat.
Information about the day is given below. If you want to come, please email us:warwick.triratna [at] gmail.com We need to receive all bookings by the end of Saturday 6th May, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

The Buddha died more than 2,500 years ago but on the full moon of May he will be remembered by Buddhists throughout the world as a human being who discovered the means to Enlightenment and helped guide many others in that direction. Traditionally it is said that he gained Enlightenment on the full moon of May which this year falls on Wed 10th May. Albeit a little late we will be marking this event by connecting with its relevance to us today. Although we are trying to grow and develop in very different conditions to those of ancient India we still aspire to find some deeper sense of fulfilment and meaning in our lives that the example and teachings of the Buddha can help us with. The deeper aspirations of the human heart remain in many ways unchanged throughout time.
So as well as meditating, discussing and spending time together with other kindred spirits we shall also reflect on and try to make a connection with the nature of human enlightenment.

The day is open to all those who are familiar with both meditation practices taught within the Triratna community (so it will not be suitable for complete newcomers).
Arrive from 10am onwards for a  prompt 10.30am start. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, please bring a vegetarian dish to contribute to a shared lunch. Suggested donation for the day is £15, but as usual I hope you feel welcome by now to give less if you need to, or more if you can.