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On Mon, 5 January, 2015 - 07:34's picture
The lovely folk at have relaunched last year’s site and it’s even better (and bigger) - and of course, it’s free. Whether you’ve already dipped your toes in the waters of vegan life or want to give it a go, this is a great resource. It may be that you want to try the entire month as a vegan or perhaps try a more gradual approach, eg Vegan Monday (or Tuesday or…) It’s completely flexible.

Not only are there lots of recipes but there’s helpful info on eating out, products, ‘vegan people’ section for inspiration and more. Their Facebook page is also supportive and friendly - people ask all sorts of questions from ‘is bread vegan’ to ‘is it OK to raise my kids vegan?’ and more, with kind, thoughtful responses from vegans old and new.
If you like it, please spread it around your sangha and other communities, friends and families.
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Thank you so much for this link ! Incredible information can be found on this site, especially for those of us who are challenged for the words to answer questions by our Non-Vegan friends and aquantences.  ie:  Honey; I knew that I dd not eat honey because it is an animal by product and that the bees do not make the honey for human consumption,but, the question cam up: “What do bees use the honey for”, and I couldn’t answer … now I can ! 

Again … THANK YOU for the link. If you haven’t already checked it out, I hope you do !

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