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Sweet treats

On Tue, 5 October, 2021 - 15:59
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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? And what could be sweeter than a sweet treat that has only four ingredients, involves no baking and takes hardly any time at all to make?!

These are delicious with tea or coffee and as they are also quite filling they are probably one of the few treats out there where you can happily say ‘one (or two!) is enough’.


  • Medjool dates – as many as you like!
  • Almond butter (or for a variation on a theme: peanut butter)
  • Good quality vegan dark chocolate
  • Salt flakes

1. Take the stones out of the date, fill in with nut butter and then seal the dates again.

2. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Dip the dates into the chocolate, and spoon the chocolate over to completely cover them.

3. Sprinkle salt flakes on top.

4. Put in the freezer to set and then store in the fridge.

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