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Urthona Issue 31 is published!

On Mon, 19 January, 2015 - 15:56
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Urthona Buddhist Arts Magazine, issue 31 is out in Triratna Buddhist Centre Bookshops now!

Or you can subscribe at www.urthona.com

This year’s theme is ‘The Art and Craft of Storytelling’

But what is storytelling? What has it to do with the quest for an authentic spirituality in the 21st century? Many contemporary Dharma teachers talk about ‘dropping the ego’s stories’. But what do they really mean? Do they mean us to turn off our imagination and become like a rock or a dry planet – surely not. Philip Pullman (whose new book of versions of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm is reviewed in this issue) says:

‘After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.’

Stories are the primary way in which the imagination orientates the sum total of our available psychic energy towards one goal or another. In this packed issue with a superb cover illustration of Tara, by Stefanie (Ine) Grewe, you will find:

* Interview with master story teller Kevin Crossley-Holland. Kevin answers some in depth questions about the art and craft of story telling. And who better to do so than the author of the acclaimed Arthur Trilogy and many collections of traditional stories.

An introduction to Jung’s Red Book, the mystical source of all of his ideas, by Peter Abbs.

* The Wonderful graphics and book illustrations of Stefanie (Ine) Grewe

* Quest for the Holy Grail – the romance becomes a quest for vision and transformation by Ratnagarbha

*The greatest story ever told, Dharmavadana on the wonders of Homer’s ‘Iliad’

* Plus poetry from Mimi Khalvati and many others, news, reviews of the music of Meg Hutchinson and a new book of poems in tribute to William Stafford, the collected poems of Geoffrey Hill, a new biography of Tove Jannson and much more.

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