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Urthona Appeal Launched

On Thu, 17 March, 2016 - 18:01
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So we have launched the Urthona appeal at www.urthona.com

This unique journal where art, imagination and the Dharma meet needs to raise £100 a month in regular donations if it is to survive.

We have a £deficit of over £1000 and had to borrow to pay for the printing of last issue. And I the editor need a wee bit of support now the UK benefit system is being tightened up and Windhorse is no more….

You can give from £1 to £10 per month via Paypal at www.urthona.com
In return you become an Urthona Member and get access to members only material! And for UK readers free access to the entire catalogue of back issues.

Or even better set up a standing order email urthonamag[at]gmail.com for details. 

Some highlights from back issues you may not know about….

* Interviews with Ursula Le Guin & Anish Kapoor ISSUE 19 
* Peter Conradi remembers Iris Murdoch ISSUE 19
* Gary Syder: The Art of the Wild ISSUE 16
* Kathleen Raine in conversation with Sangharakshita ISSUE 17
* Interview with Camile Paglia ISSUE 17
* Seamus Heaney surveys 20th Centure poetry ISSUE 14
* Robert Bly: Eskimos and other Presences ISSUE 11
* A Fountain Sealed: Abhaya on Coleridge ISSUE 10
* The Five Storied Palace Dante’s Symbolic Cosmos ISSUE 9
* Kathleen Raine: The Vertical Dimension of Art ISSUE 9
* Sangharakshita on Artistic Friendships, Neoplatonism… ISSUE 4/5
* Interivew with Natalie Goldberg ISSUE 12
* Interview with Nature Writer Robert Macfarlane ISSUE 28
* Sasanaratna explores the work of french poet Yves Bonnefoy ISSUE 3
* Vishvanpani on Macbeth and the law of Karma ISSUE 29
* Paintings by man of metal Sahaja ISSUE 29
* Vishvapani: Buddhist influence on West from Wagner to Cage ISSUE 26
* Ted Hughes as Bard ISSUE 25
* Dhivan Thomas Jones on Tristan and Iseult ISSUE 25
* Grevel Lindop on Grave’s White Goddess ISSUE 25
* Satyajit Ray, master of Indian Cinema, Caves of Ajanta ISSUE 24
* Andy Goldsworthy ISSUE 20

NB Some of these issues are sold out but PDFs can be provided to members.

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