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Abhayavajra - Flight of the Gull...

On Mon, 25 January, 2021 - 11:59
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Flight of the gull… for Buddhist painter ABHAYAVAJRA physical activity, image and meaning arise intertwined. Full article in Urthona Issue 35 American Zen - from Square storefront:


For Abhayavajra, who is based in rural Suffolk, painting is an art of revealing and covering, an exploration of formal relationships :

“Contradistinction (contre-jour) is a familiar and traditional element of painting, whether used consciously or unconsciously. So is the interaction of colours and tones – the way they transform each other when brought into relationship. That is what my painting is about: the basic elements, techniques and their relationships. The possibilities of a brush loaded with paint, covering and revealing simultaneously. What difference does the size of the brush make? What happens when two colours are alongside each other, or overlap, or one covers the other? How do the parts relate to the whole? And how do all those relationships change depending on the viewer’s distance from the painting? Pursuing these and similar questions leads to a space where physical activity, image and meaning arise intertwined…”

Image: ‘Tomo series 2’ – 170 x 200cm’ by Abhayavajra - more on his work at


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