The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28

Introductory Talk: Parami - Living In The Greater Mandala

On Fri, 20 November, 2015 - 12:15
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Parami gives the introductory talk for the 2015 Triratna International Urban Retreat live in Adelaide, Australia. Her theme - and the theme of the whole retreat - is ‘Living in the Greater Mandala’, and she brings this alive in the most human, poetic, and inspired of ways.

Her range is broad as she evokes the mandala itself, and the profound, playful path of the Bodhisattva. Calling forth Rumi and Hafiz, the great Buddhist Perfection of Wisdom texts, Keats, Yeats, Robert Hass, and Kenneth White, she illustrates what it looks and feels like to live dedicated to the wellbeing of all as the most natural thing in the world. 

Parami’s great experience shines through in this talk - a terrific encouragement to anyone thinking of undertaking the Urban Retreat and integrating this perspective of joy into the challenge of everyday life… 

Recorded in Adelaide, Australia, October 2015.

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Abhayamaitri's picture

Fantastic talk Parami! Thank you :-) x

Prajnagita's picture

Great talk! Thanks Parami - look forward to kicking starting our (Dublin’s) Urban Retreat with this talk next week x Prajnagita 

saddhāruci's picture

Thank you dear Parami :)

JoJo2075's picture

i had the blessing to be present with adelaide sangha when Parami gave the “living in the Greater Mandala Talk. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment and am looking forward to being part of the international Urban retreat. Thanks again Parami and Metta to all

StephenWillis's picture

Absolutely fantastic introduction, an invitation for true and inspired, integrated practice. A way of being totally with life (‘self’, ‘other’, ‘world’ and both imagination and reality. Thank you.). x

Amaladhi's picture

Thank you Parami for a beautiful talk!

manchester buddhist centre's picture

Hi Parami, thanks for a brilliant talk which I am listening to in the serenity of my own home! ;) . Not able to make Manchester Buddhist Centre today to practice with others,however hearing your familiar voice and inspiring and rich talk has helped me feel more connected to the greater mandala and greater sangha. Much love. Mary xx :)

RCheesley's picture
Really great talk, thank you Parami! Looking forward to the rest of the retreat!
Dharmaprabha's picture

Thank you for the talk, Parami. Excellent start for the retreat and our journey to enter more fully the Mandala of aesthetic appreciation. 

ElkeWeiss's picture

Thanks for this wonderful talk. Very powerful and starting off the Urban Retreat with a wave of metta and inspiration.

khemajoti's picture

Lovely talk Parami - your manner as well as the content :)

Munisha's picture

Very good talk, thank you! Feeling that listening to it in English for nearly an hour without video would be a bit tough for some members of the Stockholm sangha, I gave my own talk (in English but shorter and with music) at our Sangha Day here in Stockholm, including some music by Bach, which ended with the same poem of Kenneth White’s (A High Blue Day on Scalpay). Viryabodhi loved it so much he went home and translated the poem into Swedish! (See the link.) It’s a poem easily related to here in Stockholm, where we have one of the world’s largest archipelagoes, and no shortage of high blue days.