The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28

Thank you - And Help Us Do It Again!

On Sat, 28 November, 2015 - 15:00
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The Urban Retreat 2015 has now come to an end. Thank you for taking part and helping make it such an inspiring week! We really hope you have enjoyed the contributions and resources posted on this site - may they be of benefit for a long time to come…

If you have enjoyed the retreat and benefitted from the Dharma materials provided, please help us do it again! You can easlily do that by donating to the online dana bowl on our Just Giving website. 

Your donation will be looked after by the European Chairs Assembly (ECA), the charity responsible for running the event. From there we’ll divide it between The Buddhist Centre Online, who have hosted this retreat, and the ECA Development Fund (which also helps fund Dharma projects beyond Europe). We’ll gratefully accept anything you wish to give. Thank you for any contribution you are able to make! 

Thank you to everyone who made this retreat possible - including the many generous individuals who donated in the past and allowed this year’s Urban Retreat to happen!

Yours in the Dharma,

The Triratna Development Team: Mokshini, Nandavajra, Munisha, Prajnaketu, and Amalavajra

The Coding & Content team at The Buddhist Centre Online: Candradasa, Rijupatha, Samudradaka, Will Elworthy

p.s. The talks and guided meditations from this Urban Retreat will be made publicly available after this retreat as a permanent resource on the buddhist centre online. Your comments and personal posts will remain private and available only to retreatants.

Generosity is highly contagious – when we are generous this releases generosity in others, which in turn releases generosity in an ever-widening circle. This is one of the most important ways we create the Sangha, the spiritual community.

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dharmabandhu's picture

Many thanx to all the team and everyone who contributed or joined in,

   I  appreciated and enjoyed the day retreat, excellently led by Padmavajri and it was good to get to know Ben my meditation Buddy. I found the week of practice very supportive

    best wishes to you all Dharmabndhu

Alayasri's picture

Sadhu to all - those who worked hard to set it all up and those of us who have participated in it, in whatever way we did.  A really lovely opportunity to bring practice right into our lives more fully and feel connected with the wider Sangha. So thanks. Much merit gained by all!

Padmavajri's picture

Thank you Mokshini for all your work in bringing the International Urban retreat to us all. I’ve appreciated the variety of the talks and Rijumitra’s meditations and introductions to the Brahma Viharas. A great resource for the future too. Much gratitude to the rest of the Development team, the Buddhist Centre Online team, and to everyone who shared themselves in the posts.

parami's picture

Thanks so much Mokshini and team.  Thanks to thebuddhistcentre online for all the work put in to make this such a wonderful event.  I loved the theme and I particularly appreciate the international aspect.  I haven’t managed to listen to all the talks yet but what a great resource to return to again and again. Once more - shouting out a big sadhu and thanks.  With metta, Parami 

meludena's picture

I’m touched, moved, joyful…but above all I’m grateful. Many many thanks to The Triratna Development Team, good job guys, you all are an amazing team. 

Thank you Khemajoti for being my online meditation ’ buddy’  and for being there for me. I don’t have words to express how much I appreciate it. 

Regards from Caracas, I’m going to miss you all 

jvalamalini's picture

Thank you!  We’ve made good use of the online resources at Bristol Buddhist Centre, with guided meditations from Rijumitra every lunchtime and we watched a short talk every afternoon which prompted some good discussions. 

I’ve enjoyed dipping into the flow of posts from round the world too - it’s the first time TBCO really has felt a bit like a wholesome facebook!

khemajoti's picture

Many thanks to all of you and to all who contributed in any way. I loved the internationality and possiblities for connection.

Sthiraprabha's picture

Phew! That’s that then. Thanks for having me. Good luck.  See you again next year.

VIRIYAGITA's picture

Thank you so  much for all your work and inspiration. It was very exciting and thought-provokiing. As part of the retreat i have been doing morning meditationd at the Center. My meditation practice has thus become more consistent and deeper. Taking the time to reflect afterwards has moved along mu carrying it into my daily life and boosting my mythic approach. But what excited me the most was the possibilities for the future, bring retreat experience to parts of the population who think it not possible. Contemplating what could he an imminent move to some kind of assisted living, this issue is vital. I alread decided it would be close to sangha, most likely Aryaloka. But the ability to participate in an urban retreat in such a strong way gives me such hope for supports in continuing practice no matter what happens and where I go, You have made a very valuable difference in my life. Thank you, thank you , thank you to all who prepared, designed and participated. I am very grateful. love, viriyagita


dharmabandhu's picture

Hi Viryagita,

its good to know we’ve been on retreat together and I’m really happy you’ve found it so supportive and beneficial for the future

         much metta Dharmabandhu x