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Meditation Thursdays Continue

On Tue, 5 February, 2013 - 17:05
Candradasa's picture
Last week was our busiest sit so far as we continue this sweet experiment with meditative pioneers around the world, all of us taking time out in our days to sit together - wherever we are…

This Thursday we’ll be meditating again at the usual time of 11am EST, 4pm UK, 9.30pm Maharashtra. We’ll be doing the Metta Bhavana (‘Development of Loving Kindness’) practice - with a particular emphasis on bearing in mind all our sisters and brothers in the Dharma worldwide. The planet needs a love infusion - and we’re it!

We’ll be using both platforms again - so, you can connect either on Skype by adding user and sending an IM asking to join the call, or on Google +. We’ll start the Skype call and post the live Hangout link on Google +, as well as on Facebook and Twitter 15 minutes or so before we start).
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