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Build a Buddhist Business - 23 February, LBC

On Mon, 13 January, 2020 - 14:09
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Are you looking for a more meaningful work context? Do you want to set up a business with other Buddhists? Then join us to co-create a Buddhist Business in one day!

Buddhist businesses are an ideal context for people to work and deepen their practice together. They are an essential part of the Buddhist vision for a new society because they have a social or environmental goal, and are an effective way to spread the Dharma and Buddhist values.

During this event you’ll be inspired by a talk by Jnanavaca, stories from successful Buddhist businesses (Lamas Pyjamas and New View Residential), co-create Buddhist startup ideas and acquire the tools to plan and test your idea. At the end of the day, the teams will pitch their ideas to a friendly “Dragon’s Den” style panel of investors - Keturaja from Windhorse Trust, Amalavajra from Future Dharma Fund, Suryagupta from the LBC and Milly from Bethnal Green Ventures. So you’ll end the day with a tonne of insightful feedback from investors, contacts to get some startup money, as well as team members and a fleshed out idea for a Buddhist Business!


Time: 23 February, 10-17h
Venue: London Buddhist Centre
Price: free by donation
Registration: https://www.lbc.org.uk/event-details/build-a-buddhist-business-1349 
What to bring: bring your own vegan lunch (or lunch to share)
Contact: joris.depouillon [at] gmail.com

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