Welcome to Triratna Development Team

The Triratna Development Team was established to help both with supporting existing Centres, groups and projects as well as helping with initiatives around the Triratna world (especially in Europe as it’s specifically employed and guided by the European Triratna Chairs Assembly - a collective of 50 chairs and directors of different Triratna charities across Europe.

Aparajita is the team leader, based in Lancashire, UK, and works part-time on projects and administration. He and Gunabhadri are the people to make general enquiries to.

Gunabhadri is based in Amsterdam, and works full-time on projects and administration.

Munisha is both our safeguarding officer and our liaison officer (liaising with other Buddhist groups). She is based in Sweden.

Ksantikara is our young persons coordinator and is based at Adhisthana.

Aryaraksita lives in Manchester and is spearheading our racial diversity work.

To contact any of the team, send an email using their name + @triratnadevelopment.org


We’re almost deliriously happy to...

Welcome to the Triratna Development...