Welcome to Triratna Development Team

The Triratna Development Team is a small four-person team established to help with many Triratna-wide initiatives around the world: best practice and centre support, fundraising, news, and new ventures (among others) It’s a first point of contact for anyone wanting to know more about how Triratna works, or how to get a new idea going. It’s also responsible for some of Triratna’s larger events such as the biannual International Retreat and International Urban Retreat. It has a world-wide role, though it’s specifically employed and guided by the European Triratna Chairs Assembly - a collective of 50 chairs and directors of different Triratna charities across Europe.

Amalavajra - Triratna Fundraising Consultant
Amalavajra is ‘outsourced’ by the Development Team to Triratna projects in need of fundraising expertise. He joined the team in November 2012 after 13 years at the Karuna Trust, where as well as managing door-to-door fundraising he established ‘Donor Development’ activities, including in-house telephone fundraising. He is enthusiastic and optimistic about the potential for fundraising for the Dharma, and is available to advise on, develop, and implement fundraising initiatives throughout the Triratna Community.

Dhammadassin - Secretary To The European Chairs Assembly, Projects And Centre Support
Dhammadassin started work with the Development Team in August 2013 after many years at the London Buddhist Centre. Among other roles she will serve as secretart to the European Chairs Assembly, preparing its agendas and making sure decisions are followed through.

Nandavajra - Accounts, Projects And Centre Support
Nandavajra joined the team in November 2013 and looks after various financial matters for the European Chairs Assembly. He also looks after various resources for Centres and groups including the Centre Support Website and deals with various statutory bodies such as the Charity Commission. In his work he tries to bear in mind the phrase ‘serve and connect’.

Munisha - Media, Communications And Liaison Officer
Munisha comes to the Development Team from Triratna’s ClearVision project, bringing with her many years experience of media, education, and interfaith work.

To contact any of the team, send an email using their name + @triratnadevelopment.org


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