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Urthona Essays on Art, Poetry and Consciousness

On Fri, 29 March, 2013 - 15:29
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As we start to dream about a reinvigorated Triratna arts scene with a presence (and an effect!) here on The Buddhist Centre Online we were just delighted to discover the new Urthona Essays blog! We’ll be featuring much more from Urthona and their various web manifestations as the arts come into focus here, but for now please enjoy Ratnagarbha’s sterling efforts and his introduction to the blog…

The more ethereal, evanescent, more refined and sublime part of art is the seeing nature through the medium of sentiment and passion, as each object is a symbol of the affections and a link in the chain of our endless being.- Hazlitt

This website contains essays and other material on the arts as bearers of spiritual values. It is the online essays site for Urthona Buddhist arts journal.

Our guardian spirits are the romantic and revolutionary writers of early 19th century London – Blake, Hazlitt and Coleridge – and the Zen poets of Japan who were similarly drawn to the open, outer reaches of mind and culture. We draw on the most inspired artists from the whole of human culture and the meditative techniques of mental cultivation which come principally from the Buddhist East. Here you will find essays on the arts as a means of rousing the imagination and communicating spiritual values and a sense of the sacred in ways that are relevant to the 21st century.
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