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Triratna International Council - Day 1 Clips

On Tue, 26 February, 2013 - 17:20
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Some wee introductory clip-ettes of the general vibe at the Convention as it gets under way…
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This is a request for information regarding Ratnaketu who is in India. He has not been seen or heard off for some weeks and there is a concern about his welfare. If anyone sees him or is in contact with him you please let Siddhiratna or Ann Leighs know. The emails respectively are gsowter81 [at] and ann.leighs [at] He normally receives a monthly allowance and has not collected it x 2. This is very worrying. Best wishes, yours in the Sangha, Siddhiratna
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Hi Siddhiratna, thanks for alerting us. I’ll pass your message on this morning and report back when I hear anything… Best wishes, Candradasa
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Many thanks. Good work you’re doing. Siddi