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Subhuti - Revering and Relying on the Sangha

On Tue, 26 February, 2013 - 03:45
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A great talk by Subhuti to get the first full day of the Triratna Order Convention for 2013 off to a deeply engaging start. Looking at the Garava Sutta in its earlier and later versions, and drawing inspiration from the occasion and our setting so close to the Vajrasana (the Buddha’s ‘Seat of Enlightenment’), Subhuti draws out a distinctive difference that opens into a world of significance for our Buddhist Order and the wider Triratna Community.

An encouraging, quietly startling talk that looks to the future of a spiritual community by connecting us to the Buddha as he absorbed his great Insight into the nature of things, considering what’s most important for all living beings. With exemplary humility, Subhuti evokes his own struggles to stay connected to the community in his own practice and Order life, and in doing so unfolds a clear picture of the importance of sangha and of due reverence for the Dharma as the vital element that holds us together and lets us go beyond ourselves.

This talk also features Viveka’s heartfelt, personal introduction to Subhuti, thanking him for the Dharma gifts he has given her and the whole Triratna Buddhist Community over many years.

Talk given at Bodh Gaya, February 26th 2013.

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and where will i find these talks from the convention Candradasa please?
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Hi Ashokashri, sorry I wasn;t sure what you meant here? The talks from the Convention will initially all be posted as audio here in this space and then, at some point, on Free Buddhist Audio and Video Sangha (if filmed). You should be able to play Subhuti’s tak from this post through the embedded Soundcloud player. If you don’t see it, try updating your Adobe Flash or, maybe better, try a more recent browser (Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or the latest versions of Safari or Chrome or Firefox).

Let me know if you still have problems. The direct link to the Soundcloud page is here: