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Some pictures from day 3 (and a bit of sad news about the talks)

On Wed, 27 February, 2013 - 18:08
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Alas, alas… The organisers had arranged for someone to record audio and video of all the talks that are going on here each day, but they cancelled the day before the Convention! With iPhones and camcorders we are attempting to capture as much as we can, and the first two days went well in that regard. Unfortunately though, it’s now got very hot (well, for westerners!) and the many fans in the marquee are running constantly (and loudly!) throughout the talks. This has rendered the talk recordings very difficult to hear and we’ll need more time and other kinds of software than we have to hand here to get something listenable from them as they stand.

So, we’ll work on ways here within the limitations to try and improve things but it may be that some of the talks won’t be available for a couple of weeks until we get home… This applies to both Jnanasuri’s talk and also to Vajrapushpas’s from day 3, and to Saddhaloka’s talk today at the men’s convention. In the meantime, we will have an interview with Jnanasuri recorded in easier circumstances tomorrow, so stay tuned for that and her amazing story of being present at the mass conversion led by Dr. Ambedkar!

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rodashruti's picture
I think the coverage of the Convention has been pretty awesome. Text, images, audio all available very quickly at a live event by a team of… how many? I know I must sound like a cheerleader but I do this stuff at work, and though technology has made things simpler it’s still really complicated. Too bad about the cancelation but thanks for the great coverage, really!
jvalamalini's picture
Oh Candradasa, I bet you’re gutted! I’ve so appreciated what we have had, I’ve felt really able to tune in through the sounds especially.
dhammarati's picture
marysalome: just to let you know that most of the coverage was candradasa as a one man team: it was remarkable. remember seeing him at midnight, huddled outside the only building with a hotspot, and only his hoodie between him and the mosquitoes, uploading some of this stuff.