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Walking Meditation - Online!

On Tue, 14 May, 2013 - 20:26
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This week we’re going to be doing something a bit different for our ‘Meditation Thursday’. One of our regular members, Elke, suggested we do an experimental walking meditation - online… :) It’s an intriguing idea and we’re excited to try it out! Walking meditation itself is a great way to keep your meditation and your general practice of mindfulness fresh, a different way of deepening your engagement with the mind and the body. But don’t worry, you won’t have to carry your computer with you!

The idea is to meet as usual at 8.30amPST/11.30amEST/4.30pm UK/ 9pm Maharashtra. Connect on Skype with user and IM (Instant Message) to be added to the call. We’ll be online 15 mins before the meditation.

First we’ll spend a while sitting, setting up the walking meditation itself. If you haven’t done this practice before, it’s easy and you can read a very good introduction here. We’ll all go off and spend half an hour just walking, experiencing ourselves moving through the world (or one small part of it!) in mindfulness, bearing each other in mind as an active part of the context. It would be a good idea to decide beforehand where you want to walk. Maybe outside in a park if you can, or at least a quiet space. Or indoors - around a room, or simply up and down in a space that’s big enough not to feel too cramped doing that!

Afterwards, we’ll ‘meet’ back online and have some space to share our experience and talk together about anything that arises…

Come and make some space in your day for meditation - and let’s take a walk into awareness and connection together!
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Sounds good to me, I think we all will enjoy this… :-)
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I hope so - I’m looking forward to the experiment!
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Thanks Chandradasa. I will try to join tonight. But just want to know if I need to focus webcam upon my shrine,myself ? I have never participated in online meditation.
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Hi Amitabh, usually we have video cameras on ourselves only while talking at the start and end of meditation, When we are actually sitting we usually turn them off to save bandwidth. Today though we will be doing walking meditation, so will only need to be at our computers at the start and end anyway. Hope to see you soon!