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Meditation this week!

On Tue, 19 March, 2013 - 15:57
Candradasa's picture
Hello everyone! Now I’m back from our Buddhist Centre Online trip to India I’m really looking forward to sitting with you again! Many thanks to Animisha for her lead in the last few weeks with the online meditations - amazing to be so far away and know that a friend in the Outer Hebrides was helping keep our wee international practice kula* together!

This week we’ll be meeting to do the metta bhavana at the seasonally adjusted time of 11.30am EST/3.30pm UK/9pm Maharashtra. You can connect on Skype with the username: – please IM us to be added to the group call. We’ll be online 15 minutes before the meditation is due to start. We’ll post these details on the day to Twitter and Facebook and Google +. Follow us there too!

See you on Thursday…

*Kula - “Community of the heart; a group coming together of its own free will; an intentional community; family; clan…”
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