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The Making of Seven Papers by Subhuti with Sangharakshita

On Fri, 12 April, 2013 - 22:27
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If you haven’t seen it yet you can now get hold of a definitive collection of seven papers by Subhuti with Sangharakshita, outlining and reaffirming the approach to the Dharma that underpins the Triratna Buddhist Community. It’s a rather magisterial undertaking, even by Subhuti’s standards, and worth celebrating as both an important source text for Triratna and as a spur to conversation and debate within the community at large.

Quite apart from all the sustained work that went into the writing of these by Subhuti himself, our colleague Lokabandhu has been working his usual marvels, assembling the eBook and a very affordable print edition in his delightful role as our sort-of in-house ‘Publisher In Chief’… We wanted to pay tribute here to his own dedication and work liaising with Subhuti to get this collection together, and to rejoice in his generally lion-hearted qualities. May the merit be everyone’s!
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