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Lokamitra's Presentation on the Work of Nagaloka (Audio)

On Tue, 19 February, 2013 - 18:21
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Lokamitra is a true pioneer of Dhamma work. A founding figure of Triratna in India, home of the Buddha, he’s been steadily working together with teams of friends to revitalise Buddhism in its native land. His life has been dedicated particularly to helping ‘Scheduled Caste’ people escape the hell of their situation by embracing the teachings of the Buddha and the example of their great visionary leader, Dr. Ambedkar.

Here he talks about his work following along with a slideshow demonstrating the great liberating work that goes on at Nagaloka through the Nagarjuna Institute, where young men and women are given the training and respect they need to break free of caste and go on to help others do the same. Truly inspiring listening!

View the accompanying slides here

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Very inspiring to see (slideshow) and hear the revolutionary work being done by the Movement in India.

I highly admire what the movement is doing for social justice in the homeland of the Buddha, karuṇā in action.

Thanks to Lokamitra for repeating the questions, so we listening to the audio know precisely what prompts his answers.