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International Council - Day 2 Clips: A walk to the Mahabodhi Temple

On Wed, 27 February, 2013 - 04:32
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A walk to the Mahabodhi Temple to meditate under the Bodhi Tree…

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Thank you for this Candradasa. It brought back rich and meaningful memories of my visit in 2009. In viewing the images I ‘feel’ much more with you on the convention itself despite being over 6,000 miles away in the UK. May gods, titans, and all rejoice.

In sangha, Padmakumara
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Thank you so much Candradasa. I’m really enjoying seeing the procession as it was one of the highlights of 2009 for me. And I’m enjoying too experiencing the convention as much as I can from such a long way away in the UK. So far I’m keeping up with all you’re putting on-line which is helping me keep connected. With metta to you all from Kalyanasri

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Bows of gratitude to you, Candradāsa, for making the clip available to all of us.

A memorable procession, indeed!

Adin —
mitra San Francisco Buddhist Center
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Dear Candradasa, Thank you so much for all you are doing to bring the International Order Convention in India to the rest of us all over the world. I’m very much appreciating the opportunity to stay connected with you all out there through video, photos, and talks. If we can’t all come together in person, then feeling part of it through the web is the next best thing. With much gratitude and metta to everyone in the Order whether in India, or elsewhere, Padmavajri, from a wintry Brighton, UK
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I’d like to add my thanks to you Candradasa - it brings back memories from being there in 2009. I’m really enjoying listening and watching your posts and the feeling of connection with all of you there. This is a great use of technology!
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More rejoicings in you Candradasa. Really appreciating the different clips and images, and being helped to connect with the Order Convention and Bodh Gaya. Big thanks for helping to make this happen.